Monday, December 19, 2011


Opening Song: “Oh Hey, Oh Hi, Hello” by Jim Gill

Stretches: “Bendable Stretchable” by Georgiana Stewart

Fingerplay: My Fingers Can
My fingers can wiggle.
My fingers can tickle.
My fingers can clap.
My fingers can tap.
My fingers can count.
My fingers can bounce.
My fingers can wave; through the air they go.
My fingers can fold gently in my lap just so.

Read Aloud: Bounce by Doreen Cronin

Action Song: “Count Bounce” by Greg & Steve

Prop: “The Balloon Game” by Music for Little People
(have children use balloons along with the song)

Prop Collection Song: “Clean It Up” by Laurie Berkner
Clean it up, clean it up.
You can make it fun to do
And your friends can help you too.
Clean it up, clean it up
And put it away, put it away.
Put your things away!

Fingerplay: I’m Bouncing
I’m bouncing, bouncing everywhere.
I bounce and bounce into the air.
I’m bouncing, bouncing like a ball.
I bounce and bounce, then down I fall.

Read Aloud: Emily Loves to Bounce by Stephen Michael King

Action Song: “Bounces Abundant” by Jim Gill

Parachute: “Ball Bounce” by Pop Rock Parachute

Closing Song: “Good-Bye, So Long, Toodle-oo” by Hap Palmer

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